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Immediate Hope Project Description

One of our newest projects is our Immediate Hope Triage Shelter. Immediate Hope is a comfortable, safe triage shelter to help girls harmed from trafficking immediately after a rescue or sting. God has provided a wonderful, loving environment to help a victim begin to recover and for us to asses their needs for restoration.

When a new girl comes into the triage home, we first give her a tour of the house and her room. Then along with her bed and comforter, we provide her with a backpack of goodies and toiletries, including a stuffed animal, blanket and bible. Most of the girls really love the blanket and stuffed animals!

Then one of their first things to do is sleep! We let victims initially sleep as much as necessary, since so many of them come to us extremely sleep deprived. After some good healthy rest, she will probably be very hungry, so meal prep and eating together is good time to learn more about her.

God calls on us to reach the lost, give to those in need and to comfort each other in our afflictions, and our Immediate Hope Triage Shelter is designed to do that. The ultimate goal is to restore victims to a life of joy and freedom from bondage. We pray that as we asses and share Jesus with them, they will come to understand who they are in Christ, and enjoy the freedom only He can offer.

If you would like to help us asses and shelter these victims, you can donate to Run 2 Rescue.

God places the lonely in families ~ Psalm 68:6 NLT

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